Sunday, August 15, 2010

A fullfilling weekend

Friday nite ; Aiman is back for the weekend, pity him he has to break his fasting in the commuter, from KL Central to Teluk Gadung station (nearest stop to our house). Since abang has to pick him up at the station, we cancel our plan to go for tarawikh that night. Furthermore, it was raining heavily from maghrib onwards. As usual, me and family broke our fast at Mak's house (where else cos Saiful has already left to Malacca to be with his wife and daughtter, Cik Ah for the weekend).

After maghrib, abang shoot to the commuter station to Aiman and as usual Amir wailing to follow up and as usual Aida to the rescue.

Yesterday, I am pleased with myself; manage to wake up early 3.30am to do my solat tahajud then solat taubat and lastly before adjourning for my sahur managed to do solat hajat. Then by 5.00 am wake up the crew to have sahur. Then take a rest, 6.30a.m. did my solat fajr, solat sunat and then subuh, and continue with solat dhuha and I completed my solat tasbih. What a morning and I cried reciting my doa after tasbih. It really made me feel small and helpless infront of you. I have many many doa and remorse being given this life for almost 45 years now. Thank you Allah for the life, the waking up and finding myself well and alive to continue another day (though passing 40 now body aches when over-used of my body, hik3x).

After completed all my solat, take a bath and continue to cut the cloth for Ariffin @Ippin's and Amir's baju raya (well the time completed both, only baju) I was really exhausted but had to do my marketing so again Aida to the rescue (luckily I had abang to leave the bike and drive the clk - cute little kancil instead to work). I have plan for these menu for buka puasa : chicken soup, fried brinjal with chilli, butter prawn (taste great but the looks... the bird's nest didn't really turn out fine) and finally spring roll (till untilo having my buka puasa, has to go to the kitchen to finish up frying the spring roll. Mak came and she brought murtabak (hey, she made a new recipe murtabak using maggi) and brinjal pajeri . Then me and abang off to tarawikh. it was great cos we have Ustaz Zahazan giving tazkirah and was told he will give another tazkirah after subuh the next morning` (i.e. today)

Today after again I did my tahujud and taubat and then woke the crew up and Ippin as usual had problem to have his sahur. Well I had to feed him, as long he wants to fast I'm happy with that. Stomach upet again this morning then rush to have our solat jemaah for subuh and to listen to Ustaza zaharan morning tazkirah. I learn a lot of things today but I should have brought my note book to jot down the important notes. Well I can go his blog to recap (I really hope he does have a blog), otherwise will get his book (hey, I have a bought one of this book, where have i put it). Btw abang is on the way from Gemencheh sending Aiman back (I managed to cook ayam masak kicap for Aiman). I have to rush to the bazaar.

Btw, not happy reading on Salleh Gregor Samsa (this dude and his friends are the few who fail to realize the life that he got is a bestow from Allah's gerenosity). Praying that Allah give him and his friend taufiq and hidayah before it's be too late

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