Monday, August 16, 2010

Umi, doakan orang (Umi pray for me)

Early morning about 7.17a.m. while reciting the Quran, got a message from my Aiman :

"Umi, doakan org dpt jwb ngan tnang time peksa (Umi, pray so I am able to answer my exam with calm)"

I was very touched as he is on his way to the exam to sit for his trial. I pray Aiman be blessed with confidence when answering his exams questions. Then he called me while I was waiting for my job interview at Port Klang, Afraid the interviewer will walk in anytime, message him to ask about how he did for his exam. Then called his message : BM Paper 1 & 2, ok but Peng Islam susah (difficult). I can only pray he did his best.

On the other hand, I pray I got the job in Port Klang. The travelling and driving from my house to Kelana Jaya, stuck in the jam almost everyday going and coming back from office makes my legs cramp and jam as well. Furthermore, nothing much can be expected here but will miss all the adiks here. Well, have to think about myself and family first before others. To this new place, it's only 10 minutes drive.... save my petrol, save my toll.... most importantly save my time. Well, watever it is, have to wait for the 2nd interview. All the best to me.

Ohya, haven't been taking my Vemma for a while now. Need the boost of energy especially during this fasting month. Feeling very sleepy during driving to work this morning... so dangerous

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