Monday, August 23, 2010

Heart to heart

Wow, it's been a while since my last post. So many things happens to me during this past few days.

Well, why did I put up the "Heart-to-heart" as my topic???

Had a heart-to-heart talk after maghrib prayers to Aida, Afiqah, Ariffin and Amir (wonder he actually understand what I am trying to say to him... he's too playful and unattentive). Abang wasn't around, he had to go to Lumut with Jeya Sunday afternoon after I had my Solat Tasbih. I had to have this heart-to-heart conversation with all of them because there seems to be a lot or disrespect among this siblings. Between Aida and Afiqah, Ariffin with Afiqah and even between Amir with the elders. I emotionally spoke to them and seek for forgiveness because I feel that I have failed to initiate this earlier. After a long emotional talk, I have ask them to seek forgiveness between themselves and embrace one and another. I notice Ariffin looks like he's going to cry but he held back his tears. Al least he is aware of what is wrong and he participated in the process of seeking forgiveness and embracing her sisters.

Early the Sunday morning, me and mak attended solat tasbih and hajat headed by Ustaz Wan Zawawi at the nearest masjid at my place; Masjid Darun Muttaqin, Klang. The imam led the jemaah firstly with dzikir which really brings tears to our eyes. Guess all present were emotionally reminded of our past sins and were all felt remorse over the bad deeds. How can we guarantee our places in heaven with all that??? Therefore, all muslims are all reminded to perform the solat tasbih as frequent as possible; everyday, otherwise once a week, if not possible once a month, still not possible once a year or if still not possible do it once in a lifetime. The solat helps to wash all your past sins, the current ones and even the future ones, isn't that beautiful. That is why, Islam is beautiful... you need no third party to listen to your sins and get it pardon. When you have created sins to Allah, only He has the right to pardon and not anybody else. Alhamdullillah Allah, for giving me the takdir of being born into a muslim family.

Something unpleasant happens to us last Saturday.... we (me, abang and Aida) were talking about what we are going to have for sahur. Told my abang, we have had fried rice, egg sandwich,.. I am out of idea of what to prepare for sahur... so we were so called having a small argument. The I adjourned to bed but I remember to set the alarm at 3a.m. to get up for my tahajjud, taubat and probabaly my solat hajat. But when we woke up it was already 6.30a.m., to late to haev our sahur. I didn't even heard teh alarm. There and then I realize HE is probably angry with us for having such a stupid argument of what to have for sahur. It really makes me realise, HE has the power to do as he likes when he wants and what he likes because HE creates all of us and do all you can to please your Creator because He knows best for his subjects. I learn my lesson well.

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