Thursday, August 12, 2010

I made my own history today

Wow, dreaming to have my own blog for a long long time and ta...da....I made my own history today. I finally have my own blog. Not that I am not good in writing just that I don't know how to start, what topic to write, and all the procrastinating. So today I made the bold decision to GO FOR IT!!!

It's the 3rd day of Ramadhan today and Alhamdullillah my children has been able to complete the fasting since Monday. I pray for an extraordinary Ramadhan, with plenty of opportunities for me and family to do more ibadah, to gain more barakah and to be blessed with more rezeki from HIM. Like usual, fasting on the weekdays Bazaar Ramadhan is my kitchen . Don't have much time to cook so just pick and choose and of course pay. You'll be spoilt for choices during ramadhan. Even the non-moslem are having a fair share of trying all the nice foods at the bazaar.

Aida, my 14th year old girl (my second child) has been so helpful, helping me to prepare the rice before she heads to bed for our sahur cos after tarawikh I am normally have few energy left for me to crawl into bed. Thanks Aida, and Umi really appreciate and love you for it (btw this morning's fried rice is a bit hotkan). Umi too having problem with my stomach. Well I'm responsible for it since I did the cooking (luckily we still made it girl). Afiqah, my 10th year old girl(my third child), had rice this time otherwise she'll be calling me by noon to say she wants to break her fast. Hey, look at Ariffin @ Ipin (my 7th year old and he's my fourth), he looks weak (he only took 1 pc of kurma/dates and a glass of plain water for sahur) but after getting his air tembikai (melon juice), fasting is no big deal. Thumbs up Ipin. Amir (4yr old boy, my fifth and youngest), as usual claim to be fasting, the hyperactive one. Do not mention the word VITAGEN (he'll wail till the whole community of Taman Dahlia hears him out). Umi and Ayah do not own the Vitagen factory okay!!!

My eldest son Aiman will be back for the weekend from his hostel MRSM Gemencheh today and he will sitting for his trial PMR (for MARA papers) on Monday. I pray to Allah, Aiman will be given confidence and guidance so that he is prepare to sit for his exams coming Monday.

I consider myself lucky to be blessed, married to a wonderful husband (though our marriage was an arranged one by both of our parents). Guess my friends would not have believed it as most of them know the kind of person I am. But I believe Allah showed me my choice is the his choice after my istikharah and we have been married for 16years now, blessed with 5 kids. Considering of having more kids..... well.... my baby factory is officially closed after Amir ( I was 41 then)

Btw, today I got a new baby angkat (Zie, my bestfriend cum colleague) just delivered a baby girl at the Serdang Hospital. Can't wait to see and hold new born baby, they just smell wonderful (anyway, I can be her makcik angkat).

Abang won't be back for berbuka puasa, he has to work late in PJ. He works very hard and I felt pity for him (Ya Allah, please protect Abang and blessed him with health, wealth and abundance and long life, Amin).

It's raining outside, it has been a hot and sunny day the past few days and can't really sleep during the night. Very very warm.Thanks Allah for cooling off the planet(Kelana Jaya) today.Well, we humans never seems to be satisfied will what Allah has bestowed upon us, always complaining (that is only human). Just remember, God gave us rain because he going to give us sun then.

Hey, not bad for a start. My first page of  'ROS IS MY NAME' ends with a new beginning of my life as a BLOGGER.

There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its 
own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time 
~ Malcolm X ~ 

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