Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm worried

My 3rd,  Afiqah has been complaining of her headache for 2 days now, her teacher called as school has just started yesterday and the class is just getting ready for their test. Afiqah has been crying and complaining about her headache so abang took her home. If it's because of her vision problem, we have rectify that and has made glasses for her and it was extremely high power (400++) for a std 4 having such high power glasses. As for me at this age of 40++ and my glasses is 525++. What could have been the headache??? According to abang, she came back from school last Monday in soaking wet from her religious school and she did not take her bath immediately. Could that have been the cause for it???

Talking about wearing glasses, now there are already 5 members in my family wearing glasses. Me and abang of course, Aiman, Aida and now there's Afiqah. Is it hereditory??? It is not cool to wear thick glasses actually and throughout my 45++ years minus 11 years because I start wearing glasses in Form One (12years old), it has been thousand spent on glasses and probably a few hundreds spent on lenses. It's been a hassle having to put aside your vision but it also a blessing when I will put away my vision not wanting to look at dirty places or things that I want to avoid looking. Ha...ha....

Anyway, back to Afiqah's problem, will definitely have to take to the doctor for a check-up, at least to make sure nothing is serious.One thing I notice about Afiqah, she can never stand any pain. Unlike her sister, Aida or even her brothers Aiman, Ariffin and even Amir, they can withstand pain. Ariffin and Amir will only cry if the pain is unbearable. For Afiqah, a little blood can break her. But she is very good at expressing her love and compassionate to others especially me and abang and definitey to her nenek (grandmother).

When you have 5 children in the house, you will experience 5 wonderful and also 5 painful characters from all of them. That I will definitely cherish and miss them when they have already grown up and start to leave the house starting their own family then. That is life....

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